Documenting a BMW 325 Conversion to Electric

Quick Facts

  • Vehicle: 1985 BMW 325e
  • Motor: Advanced DC Motors FB4001A Series Wound DC
  • Drivetrain: 5 Speed Manual Transmission. Removed clutch. Motor directly coupled to transmission.
  • Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601 and Curtis Pot Box. 12V cooling fan mounted beneath controller.
  • Batteries: 12 Trojan T-1275, 12V, Lead-Acid, Flooded. 75 Amp Hour rating of 70 minutes. 12.6 kW-Hr. ​82lbs Each. 9 Batteries in Trunk, 3 under the hood. 
  • DC/DC Converter: Elcon 144-12. Battery pack power supplied to DC/DC Converter (and auxilliary battery charger) when ignition switch is turned on.
  • Suspension: Rear coil springs replaced with custom springs to support an additional 750 lbs.
  • Instrumentation: PakTrakr 600 Display Unit with 3 remote sensors and current sensor. 
  • Power Steering: Converted to manual. 
  • Air Conditioning: Removed
  • Power Brakes: Gast Vacuum pump added, providing vacuum to power booster.
  • Heat: Heater core replaced with ceramic heater.
  • Charger: External Charger SCPWX14420AS from Quick Charge Corporation

The Green Bimmer

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